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Roofing and Contractor Video Production

I spent several years working in construction and for roofing companies so I understand the unique perspective of trying to promote a construction service or product. Videos do everything from spice up your website, educate customers on your products/services, add punch to your marketing campaigns and can even streamline your appointment process.

iPad Video:

Load a video like this on an iPad and hand it to your customer while you inspect their roof for damage.

Internet and TV Commercials

Online video ads are overtaking TV advertisements when it comes to video production. They are essentially filmed the same way and internet ads can also be used on TV. These types of videos are especially effective on landing pages for your Google AdWords campaigns. Here is an example if an online video ad that I produced for a roofing company:

Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos are probably most persuasive form of advertising you can add to your website.

Website Home Page Video

Every company that has a website should have a home page video front and center to market their products and services in a more interactive way than just text and photos. Below are a couple examples of what I have done for some companies in the construction and remodeling industry:


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Video Production Services

• Script Writing
• Producer
• Director
• Camera Crew
• Video Editor
• Motion Graphics & Animation