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Here some some common questions I get asked about the video production process:

Q: How much does a video cost?

A: The price of your video depends on how much work it is to produce. You can view my RATES page for more information.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: Major credit card, PayPal, Cash and even bitcoin!

Q: How long will it take to produce my video?

A: Every video production job is unique so I need to know all the details in order to answer this question definitively. However, a great majority of my jobs are filmed in one day and video editing usually takes one or two business days. Once I know all the details, I will be able to estimate the total production time of your job and let you know in advance how long I think it will take.

Q: Where will my video be filmed?

A: In most cases, I will film your video at your location. I even have a portable green screen studio setup that can be put almost anywhere. I have filmed videos in peoples living rooms, at their office or in the case of a service company – filmed them working at their client’s locations. If you need to film a broadcast TV commercial and a proper film studio is required, we can use one of several available film studios around the DFW area (the price for this would be built into your job estimate).

Q: Once my videos are finished, how do I put them on my website or Facebook page?

A: I wrote an article on my blog to answer this question HERE.

Q: How long do you keep the video & production files for my project?

A: I will typically keep your entire project on file for 12 months. After that, I may delete the raw production files and only keep your finished video. This is because raw video files take up an enormous amount of hard drive space.

Q: What kind of equipment will you use to produce my video?

A: Professional camera technology is advancing all the time and I have owned/used many brands of camera over the years. In 2018 I switched over to Sony brand cameras for my work. The capability of Sony cameras is currently miles ahead of anyone else in the space and the image quality is second to none. Additional cameras for special situations include GoPro action cameras and DJI Drone cameras. Other gear includes wireless lavs, LED lighting and whatever other equipment would be required to produce your video. If I dont have it, we can always rent it.


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Video Production Services

• Script Writing
• Producer
• Director
• Camera Crew
• Video Editor
• Motion Graphics & Animation