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In mid 2009 after leaving my career in Information Technology, I decided I wanted to do something different;  something that I could wake up every day and be excited to get out of bed for.

I always had an interest in videography but never even considered that it would be possible to make a living doing these things since I never went to school for it. But after reading a bunch of videographer blogs and watching what little videography youtube videos existed on the subject at the time, I decided to give it a try.

So after taking some time off, in 2010 I purchased a $3500 video camera, some audio gear and studio lights and placed my first online ad. I ended up filming several videos which turned out very good and it appeared I had found my new career. Just a few months after starting out in video, I ended up getting a contract job for Sporting News filming weekly interviews with Troy Aikman in his home for a football webcast. Long story short, I filmed 4 seasons of the show. I learned a lot from that gig and was fortunate for the very rare opportunity to work with a well known sports celebrity.

Since then I have been producing corporate videos for companies in Dallas, Austin and Houston. Needless to say, the past 8 years working as a videographer have been the most fulfilling work years of my life. I cant even imagine what I would be doing today had I not taken that risk seven years ago to try something new in order to pay the bills. This “job” that I do doesn’t really feel like “work” at all and I love every minute of every day that I do it.


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Video Production Services

• Script Writing
• Producer
• Director
• Camera Crew
• Video Editor
• Motion Graphics & Animation