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Should you use voice-over talent on your corporate video production? The answer is: it depends. Often times the client is actually on video talking about their services and we can just use their voice and the script they read as the voiceover. However, sometimes having an additional voiceover person can really boost the perceived production value of the corporate video.

So how do you know when to use voice-over actors and when not to? Since every video is technically unique, deciding whether or not to use voice-over talent is one of the few things that can be decided on the spot or after the fact. One thing to note though, using a voice-over actor means paying extra money for the video. Many voice-over actors have a set minimum fee and charge per “page” of script. We have worked with a couple of corporate video voice-over actors over the years and their fees are similar.

Deciding whether or not to use a voice-over actor boils down to the style of corporate video you are trying to produce. Fortunately, there are thousands of voice-over to choose from so you will always find the style of voice you want to add that extra sizzle to your corporate video production.