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Corporate video production for your business website – how important is it? In today’s business environment with all the technology available, its hard to maximize your company’s growth potential without using video in its various forms. The sad thing is that many small business owners or corporate managers don’t realize this. Many of the ones that do don’t really have a clue where to start.

I just did a job for a company based in Dallas. They spoke to a genius marketing advisor before contacting me to do their videos. The advisor told them exactly what I have been trying to get people to realize for quite a while now. That is, adding one or two videos to your website is a great start but adding custom video content throughout your website is the best way to help grow your customer base. So this company ended up doing the whole corporate video production thing exactly as it should be done by having 62 videos produced.

They had 8 customer testimonials, multiple video blogs (to be rolled out over time on their website and Facebook), many informational / frequently asked question videos and other videos to send in the form of emails to clients as generic reminders and work status updates. They are the first company in the Dallas area to my knowledge to utilize video so heavily and I believe they will reap great financial rewards and business growth from making this decision. They are truly moving their company into the 21st century and it was done at a relatively small cost. What century is your business practicing in?

So back to why you need videos on your company website. Ask yourself this question: If you need to make a quick decision but need to do some research first, would you rather read pages and pages of text -or- watch a short video that gives you the same information quickly? Most people today would choose the latter. We live in a very fast paced world and if there is one thing everyone is short of it’s time. People are becoming accustomed to fast in your face information in the form of short, to the point videos. Your business can take advantage of this or be left behind.

But why video? Video grabs people’s attention. Video is sharable via social media. Video can show people something rather than them having to try and picture it in their mind from reading about a topic. Video is much easier to consume than a bunch of text on smart phones. This is important since nearly 50% of all web browsing is done on smart phones. In addition, video is more personal. Text and stock photos on your website don’t really connect with people in the same way a video can because video is the next best thing to speaking to someone face to face. It can create an emotional and personal bond unlike reading text. Don’t get me wrong, you still need all that text on your website for the google search engine to pickup and rank your website. But video is for the convenience of your potential customers once they get to your website.

So how exactly can adding videos throughout your website help grow your business? There are many possible strategies to using video in your business or on your business website. But before you actually have any videos made for your business, go look up companies in a similar industry to yours in large markets across the US. Go to the web pages for companies in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. See how they utilize video on their website and in their marketing materials. This will give you some good ideas on what is possible and how you can get a leg up on your local competitors.

So maybe you already get it. You know that your company needs to have some corporate videos produced but you don’t know where to begin. There are many types of videos that you can put on your website. Here is a short list of effective options:

  1. An Introduction Video: every business should have an introduction video. What is an introduction video? Well, you know that little slide show that most people put on the front page of their website that consist of some stock photos and “clever” one liners? You should replace that with an introduction video instead. It is sort of the “elevator pitch” to customers/clients to capture their attention and have them explore your products and services. An introduction video can be very simple or very complex. However 1-2 minutes is about the longest you will want this video as people will lose interest if it is too long. It should also be produced in a way that works well on your website and being shared on Facebook or other social media.
  2. Customer Testimonials: anyone can write fake customer testimonials and put them on their website. But if customers were so satisfied with your product/service that they are willing to take time out of their busy day and go on camera to talk about it – this is very persuasive to potential customers that are on the fence still deciding between you or your competitor. You should have as many testimonial videos on your website as you can produce. You can roll them out on your website and social media over time (1 per week or something similar).
  3. Video Blogs: These are videos discussing your products, services or industry as a whole. They can be little snippets of information that people are searching for in Google. These are great because it makes you/your company look like the subject matter expert in your industry and these types of videos can be shared on Facebook and embedded on other people sites extending your marketing reach.
  4. Leadership Profile Videos: Many companies have a page on their website devoted to introducing their team members or corporate leaders. But rather than just having a photo and some text like everyone else, why not take it a step further and have video profiles instead. Again this goes back to what I mentioned before about making a personal connection with potential customers. They can see you speak, see your personality and get to feeling that connection that makes them want to contact your company and work with you.
  5. Mini Corporate Documentary: This is sort of a longer version of the introduction video. A 10 minute or so documentary about your company, its history and its plans for the future are perfect to create a deep connection with potential clients. While these types of videos are effective for any type of company, they are extremely valuable for B2B companies. If another company is looking to do business with you, having a corporate documentary which lays all the research information they are looking for about your company right in their lap is very impressive. Very few companies actually do this but it can make a huge impact on your business in a positive way.
  6. Video Emails: yes this is coming, mark my words. Rather than sending a text message, you can email a video message instead and it’s much more personal. Right now you can embed video links in an email with an image and when people click on it, it will take them to their message. This is especially good for generic status updates for your clients. “Things to do before your meeting with the attorney”, “Things to have ready before your contractor arrives at your home to begin their work”, etc.
  7. Internet Commercials: Ever go to watch a youtube video but have to watch a video advertisement for a few seconds before you can skip to the video? How about have you ever gone to a network website (like Fox or AMC) to watch a TV episode you missed but are forced to watch commercials? Your business can advertise like this too and it is WAY cheaper than paying for broadcast TV time.

These are just a few examples of videos that can be produced to bring your company website in to the modern era. If you are interested having corporate video produced for your website or for other corporate purposes, feel free to contact us for a free evaluation to see how I can help you grow your business.